Frequently asked questions about window cleaning

Frequently asked questions about window cleaning.

We often are asked the same types of questions about window cleaning. From the best time of year to have window cleaning, to the average cost and even which chemicals we use during the process.

Take a look below at the most frequently asked questions about window cleaning:

1. Can window cleaning scratch windows?

With our professional tools the windows will not be scratched. Generally, glass is usually scratched by those who don’t know what they are doing after a new build or new construction. Say for example, paint is left on a window and someone without the right tools could scratch it while trying to remove the paint.

I have also see scratched glass when people place their ladder directly on the glass. Other than that 99.9 percent of the windows we clean, we simply wash the windows and squeegee them or we use a purified water fed pole to clean windows-.

2. Can I have window cleaning year around?

The answer is yes. We clean windows all year.

Many of our commercial/ store front customers get their windows cleaned twice a month.

Also, many of our residential clients have their windows cleaned quarterly or every 6 months. Louisville’s climate allows us to keep windows clean all year.

As a business, it is important for a storefront to maintain clean windows because people form an opinion of your business before they even walk in the door. It’s called window shopping for a reason and if the glass is dirty they are going to be less likely to walk in. Shoppers will be more likely to enter your store if it is clean and approachable. Check out this article about consumer behavior and cleanliness of windows. 

Residential window cleaning is important for curb appeal, saves you or your spouse from getting up on a ladder only to realize they just pushed the dirt around or smeared it more. I get a lot of calls from DIY people and they aren’t happy with their results.

3. Average cost of window cleaning.

Because every job is different, there isn’t one set price for all but we would gladly give you a free same day estimate!

4. Which chemicals do we use for window cleaning?

For some windows we use a proprietary glass cleaner that is eco friendly. It is safe for children and dogs!

For most residential exterior windows we use pure water technology that uses zero chemicals. This is the newest window cleaning technology in existence. This technology uses a telescopic pole and brush along with purified water. Pure water technology consists of a five stage water purification process compromised of both de-mineralized resin via mixed beds and reverse osmosis resulting in 100 percent clean water.

This means that the water that is cleaning the windows is free of any dirt, minerals, or chemicals which means there will be a spot and streak free window. This saves our employees from having to get up on a ladder multiple times a job and leads to less accidents. With our telescopic pole we can clean windows up to four stories from staying safely on the ground.

This will provide our customers with cleaner windows in a lot less time and uses zero chemicals. When applied to glass surfaces the clean water is left to air dry and leaves the surface without any streaks or soap residue that traditional methods of window cleaning.

5. Why is window cleaning important?

Clean windows create a welcoming environment. But beyond being a welcome mat of sorts for your home, clean windows do so much more.

Did you realize that a long build up of dirt and grime can weaken windows to the point that the could potentially break or even shorten the life of a window?  So an investment of window cleaning on a regular basis potentially can save you money in the long run.

Believe it or not, truly clean windows make a huge difference in the light that is allowed into your home. We know we don’t have to tell you this, but we are going to anyway! With better visibility through the windows, you won’t have to use as many lights in your home on sunny days, thus helping to reduce your energy bills.

Regularly scheduled window cleaning also helps to keep unwanted bugs and spiderwebs at bay.

No matter your reasoning behind scheduling a window cleaning service, we are happy to be at your service.

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