How to clean your window screens

How to Clean Your Window Screens the Cherry Windows Way

Your window screens are a valuable asset to your home’s look, as well as its lighting. Many people just let their window screens be without understanding that cleaning your window screens is an essential part of window maintenance. The unfortunate truth may be that many people simply don’t know how to clean their window screens, maybe because they don’t know they should be cleaning them! If you’ve been neglecting your window screens, read on. 

How to clean window screens

Why should you clean your screens? 

First off, you should understand just why it is essential to clean your window screens. It’s likely you’ve spotted dust and other undesirable things caught in your screens. There’s more than just the look of your home that is under threat here–leaving your screens uncleaned will lead to major structural damage for the screen, which will lead to a gradual deterioration that will eventually end in you needing to replace your window screens, a costly consequence that can be avoided if you follow a few simple steps. 

For an easy, basic cleaning that can be done at home by yourself, all you will need is some mild dish soap and a bristle brush, preferably soft. You will also need access to warm water. 

How to clean your screens

The first step is to just remove your screens from the windows. Be sure to note which screen belongs to which window frame, or otherwise you will be facing the frustrating task of having to guess which screen fits to which window. 

When you have your warm water ready, mix just a little bit o dish soap in with it and stir. When you’ve achieved a good mixture of soap and water, then go ahead and dip the bristle brush in it. 

Very, very gently scrub the screen with the soaped-up bristle brush. There’s a danger here of scrubbing too hard and putting tears, holes, and other ugly perforations in the screen that will leave it worse off than it had been. 

When you’ve given your screens a good, thorough scrubbing, then rinse them with clean warm water, unmixed with soap or anything. 

After rinsing, all you will need to do is let your screens dry. This can take any amount of time, so just be patient and let them be until they’re ready to be up in a frame again. 

sThere you have it–the surprisingly quick, easy, and effective solution from prolonging the life and quality of your window screens. Trust us, this relatively inexpensive method of cleaning will be much less of a headache, and much more cost-effective, in the long run then just letting your screens be until they need to be replaced much too early. 

If after you’ve cleaned your screens, you realize your windows really need a good cleaning, feel free to contact us for a free, no obligation estimate. 

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