importance of winter window cleaning.

Why Wintertime Commercial Window Cleaning is Important

The way your business presents itself to the public is important no matter the weather or season. Customers will notice the appearance of your storefront or building regardless of the elements. Windows are no exception. And when temperatures dip and the snow and road salt make an appearance, it’s important to give those windows some extra love. Think of all those windows as a welcome mat for the public. After all, your business should “look” its best and windows are part of that. Are they sparkling and welcoming? Or hazy, streaky, and gritty? Commercial window cleaning customers should keep up a routine cleaning schedule to help protect windows, keep them sparkling, and welcome customers throughout the year. Cherry Window Cleaning is ready to help – even in the coldest winter months.

Winter can be brutal on everyone and everything – and windows are no exception. Salt, grime, and dirt can build up quite quickly, which can result in damaging etching over time. Glass also tends to shrink in cold temperatures and may have a tendency to break or crack more easily. Our expertise and professional cleaning equipment helps assure commercial windows are treated with utmost care. So, whether it is 80 degrees or 25 degrees outside, keeping up with commercial window cleaning services can pay dividends. Consider it an investment in your company’s image! 

Here are just a few more reasons to keep-up with a commercial window cleaning routine in the winter:

Lower Heating Costs


When dirt and grime cover a window, it is more than just unsightly. It actually can impact the level of available sunlight that can enter through the window. This may mean a heating system or furnace would need to work harder to warm rooms adequately. This may be especially true in common areas or lobbies where there may be a bank of windows. Not only will the sun’s rays help warm a room when windows are clean, this natural sunlight may also reduce the need for artificial lighting in some areas of a building. Remember, keeping those windows crystal clear is not only attractive, but also can warm and illuminate a commercial space, as well.

Attractive & Welcoming Spaces

Nearly everyone agrees, sunlight is a mood lifter and makes just about everything seem a bit happier!  A commercial space should be no exception. And come wintertime, commercial windows often take center stage in showcasing beautiful holiday lights, seasonal merchandise, and other exciting displays. Let’s not forget the stunning interior touches unique to this time of year. Just like in their homes, consumers like to feel comfortable, cozy, and welcomed when they frequent a place of business. Clean windows are a big part of that. Holiday lights will sparkle more, the sun can better warm a gathering space, and its rays will generally set the tone for a welcoming setting. Cherry Window Cleaning will eliminate the wintertime grime and grit and get those windows sparkling!     

Overall Maintenance is Important

Commercial window cleaning isn’t just about smudge-free, sparkling glass panes. It may be the prettiest part of a window, but it’s not the only thing vulnerable to the winter elements. Dirt, snow, ice, and road salt can really beat-up a window. This includes harmful effects to the window itself, its frame, and casing. Ongoing freeze-thaw cycles also take a toll on the health of windows when parts repeatedly shrink and expand. Cherry Window Cleaning goes beyond shiny panes to thoroughly inspect and clean all parts of commercial windows. Keeping up with a commercial window cleaning routine can mean reduced or delayed replacement expense and preventing a disheveled-looking exterior. 

Commercial windows need help surviving the winter! Cherry Window Cleaning is here to help, no matter the season.

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